My Husband's Scarf !


I found another colorful scarf in my husband's wardrobe when I was cleaning up 
to give away clothes for a charity organisation. 

Since it was a wool scarf I thought it could be nice together with an old wool pants I had.
I ripped up the inner seam of the pants and turned it, so it could be a skirt instead.
I made pleats for the scarf and sew it as a finish for the skirt hem. 

The idea was to make a dress, but since I could use the rubber-band of the pants I kept the skirt and made a top to match it insted. The grey wool jacket was a good match together with the blue top I had left from my husband's sweater from an earlier project. 
I only used the middle of the jacket and turned it back-forward. 
The sleeves are made of the bottom of the wool pants. The cuffs for the sleeves are from a pair of socks I had taken care of. When the socks are full of holes you have to get rid of them at the end. 
Then it's a good idea to take care of the upper-part.
I made a peplum finish for the top that was left from the pants.


  1. Many times I have said that something you made was my favorite, but this, this is my favorite! I love the proportions and it is so happy and looks great on you! The shoes are integral to the whole look, too. Thank you for sharing and bringing me happiness.

    1. Thanks Nestki, it makes me very Happy to hear ;-))


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