Vortex Origami Dress πŸ’œ


This was quite a Challenge!

I started with a bodice and draw the lines.

I added triangles where the foldings should be.

This is how the pattern looks like on the rigjt side -
- and on the wrong side. 

The pattern is cut and folded in place.

Then it's sewn together.

Voila - the front part is finished!

Even though it's wintertime and snow outside I wanted to have som pics for my blog..!

I deciced to insert jersey at the sides, and for the upper back part so it's more comfy to wear. 

I have tried this pattern once before and made a Dress with Pleats of jersey fabric.

BurdaStyle pattern #113 10/2018


  1. Hi, that is great!! Like a rose...

    How do you sew the bodice together, I mean how do you fix those pleats? How do you work while constructing it?

    Would be great if you could show it with your next piece :)

    Thank you!

    MultiVroon (it doesn't allow me to sign in...)

    1. Thanks! I have learned this on a web course and it's not so easy to explain, but I sew one fold at the time.

  2. So beautiful, Ellen. I always admired your work, well done!


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