Origami Dress with Spiral Petal πŸ’š

Cotton fabric is always safe to use - espesially for origami.

This spiral petal on the right side makes the dress unique,
and it looks like a flower, that is nice to have this time of year!

This is how the pattern looks like when it's folded together.

- and here you can see the pattern is folded out and also cut in fabric. 

The petal spiral is finished.

I decided to make a split at the front neck,
and chose to use black cotton voile as lining because it's soft to the skin.

I made pleats and side pockets for the skirt, and a black jersey at waist line.

Voila - Dress is finished!

This is the basic pattern I have used for the top,
BurdaStyle pattern #115 08/2013.


  1. Quite an interesting design. I think the finished project is beautiful, especially with the changes you made!

    PS Your natural style of posing in the last few photoshoots shows off your dresses much better!


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