Denim & White Origami!

Jacket with two different Sleeves!

This is an origami techniquie that I have used both for sleeves and a body.
You can use the pleats up-folded up like here or down-folded, so there are two different choices.

This is the pattern on the right side,

- and on the wrong side.

The pattern is folded up and cut with 0,5 cm seams.

The pattern is folded on the fabric, and then sewn one fold at the time.

To make a two different color sleeve you have to sew the fabric toghether first 
so you know where the pattern should be.

This is the wrong side when the pattern is folded. 

The sleeve is ready to be sewn toghether.

Both sleeves is finished, and I have used the same pattern.

I made the front with a pocket for the jacket. 

The sleeves are sewn toghether.

Collar has to come.

Jacket is finished and I think is will be nice to use when the weather is getting warmer!

It's a vintage pattern from Miss B 02/1992.


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