Refashion with Stripes!

Refashion is a lot of FUN ๐Ÿ˜„

Sometimes I just have to "clean up" in my wardrobe, and then I always find garments that I haven't been wearing for a long time. Then it's time to give them a "New Life"!

I found a blue tank top and a sweater with stripes and thought they could 
be a good match together. The sweater was great for a skirt, and I kept the sleeves. 
I only made them shorter and gathered them a bit at the shoulders. 
A dress with pockets is nice, so I cut curves and made pockets for the front part.
At first I made small pleats at the front skirt panel, but then it wasn't so good so I ripped them apart and made it without the pleats. I missed a pop-up color, so I found a lemon stretch jersey for the waistline. 
I also made a litte yellow collar for the top.
Then it's a perfect dress for spring, when the weather is getting warmer ☼


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