TR Rose 🌹


When I see this pattern it makes me smile πŸ˜„

I started with making a rose, turning the fabric round and round.
Then sewing it together with the front part.
I draw the lines that shows where the pattern are going to be cut.
After cutting the patten apart, it looks very long!
I chose to use two different denim colors that fit very well together.
The front part is finished and I think I will prefer to use it pushed into the body πŸ˜‚
For the back part, I wanted the dark- and light denim to fith with the shoulder seams.
I found a nice lining in my stash, and I think it is silk, but it suits very well :)
I stitched a seam wery close to the seam-lines before sewing the side seams.
I have cut the skirt with side pockets for the dress.
This is a nice style that I like very much.

The dress is finished and I'm very happy with the outcome!πŸ˜€


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