Wide Flower Dress ๐ŸŒธ

Usually I don't like wide dresses, but I was curious about the pattern and wanted to give it a try!
I am supprised how the dress turned out, and that I really enjoy wearing it!
I have used viscose fabric and it's floating good and are delicious to wear.

I started with sewing the sleeves to the upper front and back part before I made the tie at the neck. 
Then I made the skirt with the gathering and sew it together with the top.



 Since the hem sleeve has a rubberband it's easy to push it up.

The skirt is very wide and it's a great dress for dancing! 

BurdaStyle pattern #104 07/21


  1. I bought this pattern last week! Like you, I prefer tailored dresses, but am curious about this style. I love yours and thank you for giving me confidence to sew up mine!

    1. Thanks Carmela. I'm glad to hear that you feel good about making your dress. I didn't know that I would fall in love with it, but I really did :)

  2. It's a different silhouette on you but it looks great!

    1. Yeah, that's for sure. My sisters said the same, but I'm very happy to wear it :) Thanks for your lovely compliment Beth!

  3. Oh it's very different for you but I love it on you and again I love your fabric choice!

    1. It makes me Happy to hear :-) Thanks Summer Flies!


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