Fernbird Dress with a Twist πŸ’«


I wanted to try a new version of the Fernbird dress pattern from The Sewing Revival πŸ’™

I sew a dress in cotton fabric first and then draw the lines where I wanted.
The thing is that you don't need to have som many seams at usual at the sides.

It's a lot of pieces, but it's going to be nice at the end..

I start from the top, and sew one and one piece all around the dress.

This is the back of the dress.

As you can see, it's growing!

This is my lovely model and good friend πŸ’™

I have used stretch chiffon with sparkling for the flounces.

For the neck I have used a double layer with chiffon and made pleats.

Pattern from The Sewing Revival


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