Top with Bow-sleeves πŸŽ€

This is a nice top that's feels good to wear!

The short sleeve has a bow at the sleeve-hem that makes the top unique.
I wanted to use the rest I had left of the colorful jersey with mexican-print.
That's why I had to make a little seam at the back, and the bows are different, but that's just fine!
I like the wide of the neck, and have used a double jersey as bias. 

The wide Pants is from an earlier project.

BurdaStyle pattern #119 07/2019


  1. I loved this so much that I just bought the pattern from :) The sleeve detail is so cute!!!

    1. Oh, that makes me Happy to hear :) Looking forward to see your version!

  2. Cute top! I like the bow sleeves.


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