Men's Origami Shirt πŸ‘”

I wanted to make a special shirt with origami for our son.

I draw lines on the upper back part -

- and I made inserts with triangles for the pleats.

This is how it's gonna be.

I deceided to make spiral origami for one of the sleeves too.

This is how the pattern looks like.

The pics on the left show the backside om the origami patterns.

After cutting out the sleeve I have to fold it exact as the pattern.

The sleve is finished.

I thought I should make a little spiral origami for the front pocket as well.

This is the backside of the pocket pattern.

The origami pocket is sewn on the left front part.

The collar has to be sewn.

On the Catwalk!

BurdaStyle pattern #143 06/2016


  1. Thank you so much for posting with details for the origami style yoke! I made a similar yoke for a button-down shirt and my husband loves it!


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