Coat with Hoodie

I was looking for a good pattern to make a wool coat, and I found this one in Burda Easy. 
Since I didn't have Burda Easy I decided to purchase this as pdf pattern.
I like the pattern since it's very neath with the waistline.

All the pattern pieces is cut.

First I made the side pockets at the seams in front.

The lower parts are sewn together and the hoodie. 

The upper parts are sewn and steamed with the iron.

The upper part is sewn to the lower part, so now it looks like a coat.

I finished the hoodie. It's two layers sewn together.

I did iron inserts for the hem and sleeve hem. For the shoulders I have used stabilizers.

I decided to use yellow micro satin as lining.

Burda Easy Pattern #1 - 01/2021


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