Dress with Exposed Zipper

Printed fabric always catch my eyes! πŸ‘€

This is a cotton denim with stretch bougth at Lysthuset.no and I thought it would be great for a Dress with square neck that I made earlier. This time I had to sew a zipper at the back and my choice was to use an orange zipper that suits together with the orange printed faces. The shoulder straps are made of a double layer and that makes it stay very nicely at the square neck.

The pieces are cut and ready to be sewn.

I have to overlock the facing and the double straps before I stitch the pieces together at the seam line. The facing is stitched by hand afterwords.

Since the zipper are made of metal, I did sew a strap to cover the zipper line.

A little selfie video 😊

BurdaStyle pattern 06/2021.


  1. Very nice! You and the dress complement each other. A dress with those simple lines needs a person wearing it to look its best.

    1. Thanks for such lovely compliements dear Carol :)

  2. I love the whimsical fabric and the orange exposed zipper was a perfect choice.


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