Blue Flower Blouse πŸ’«

I wish I had a bunch of Blue flowers in my garden!

but I have to stick to my blue flower fabric πŸ˜†
I was suppose to use this fabric when I was joining the Origami Class with Shingo Sato
Since I didn't use it at that time, it was perfect to make a blouse.
This is a patterns I have used over and over again since it's so fabulous!
As you can see the blouse hem is hi in front and lower at the back that makes a nice siluette.

I managed to cut all the pieces from my fabric, but I had to turn one of the sleeve cuffs 
to have enought fabric for the blouse.

The hem for the blouse is stitched with double layer before stithing the side seams.

The slits for the sleeves and the pleats are in place before the cuffs are connected.

The collar and collar stand are sewn together.

The sleeves has to be sewn and the button holes to come. 

The blouse is finished - and I'm so Happy! πŸ˜„

BurdaStyle pattern #111 02/2020


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