Dress with Green Shades! πŸ€

This is a pattern I have used several times, but I still like it a lot!

It's a perfect dress for summer since it's very fluffy with the gathered skirt.
I started to make the slit in front and then sew the front- and backpart together.
I finished the sleeves before sewing them toghether with the top.
The sleeve hem is gathered with a rubber-band at the hem.
Then I made the skirt with the three fluffy parts.
When I use woven viscose fabric it's easy to rip apart the layers for the skirt and
then they became very exact.
The last dress I made of this pattern was wirh Flower Sprinkles for Autumn.

I made the split in front at first and then the side seams.


The sleeves are finished with the rubber-band at the hem.

The sleeves where attached and the neck was gathered and then I was sewing the neckband.

This is the layers for the skirt with side seams. 

I have gathered the layers and sewn together.

The dress is finished and it's comfy to wear 😊

The skirt for the dress is perfect for spinning around πŸ˜„

BurdaStyle pattern #104 07.2021


  1. Nice dress. I like the fabric and overall summery-ness very much. I do not own this Burda mag but there are some similar dresses in the older ones. Especially the 70s and 80s Burdas. Very inspiring!

    1. Thank you very much ♥ I'm sure you will find similar in older Burda's :)


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