Fluffy Dress for Holiday!

This will be my Favorite dress on holiday ☼

It's fluffy, comfy and delicious to wear 😄
The dress is made of viscose fabric bought at Stoffdronningen.
When you use such fabric it's easy to rip the different lenght, and get them straight,
and then you don't need to cut them with a scissor ✂
The sleeves are pleaded on the shoulders and gathered at the cuffs. 
The front part has a hidden button strip and a nice collar.

All pattern parts for the top are cutted. 

This is the layer for the skirt that I've sewn together.

I have iron inserts for the button-straps.

The back and front parts are sewn together, and the collar is stitched on. 

I have made the pleats for the sleeve.

The sleeves and the cuffs are sewn on the top.

You can see how nicely the pleats are fallen.

The skirt are finished and ready to sew toghether with the upper part.

I'm so Happy with the outcome!

BurdaStyle pattern #104 03/2022


  1. That's a great pattern. I love the details.

    1. Yeah, it's a great pattern for a summer dress. Thanks 💕


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