Jersey Top with Square neck!


Viscose jersey is Great for a top like this! ๐Ÿ˜Š 

I have used the same pattern as I used for my Dress. 
It's an easy top to make if you like the squae neck.
The shoulder pieces are made with a double layer, 
so it's just the front and back neck that you have to stitch in place.
For my earlier projects with this patten I have handstitch the neck in place. 

BurdaStyle #108 06/21


  1. Hello, This looks really good. I made this pattern myself three times before but never found it very easy. I need to go back and reread the instructions maybe. Its the bit where you fold the neck over and sew I just seem to muck up. My last version was very amatuerish. First version a total disaster and the second one not in very good fabric and was too tight! I suspect there is something I did wrong with the making of the neck though so you have inspired me to have another go at that because I really like the look fo this top/ dress.

    1. Hello, Thanks for your lovely comments. The best thing is to stitch it flat to the opened inserts, and when you bend it down to inside you can handstich it very carefully. For this top I used single jersey and then I have topstiched the inserts with the sewing machine, but I like it most without the machine stitching.. It's the third time that counts you know! Wishing you all good luck ♥


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