Fluffy Blouse! 🧡

This is a fabric I fell in love with 🧡

- and thought it would be nice to make a blouse.
The pattern is from BurdaStyle 03/2018.
It's always nice to try a new pattern, and this was one I found on Instagram.
The fabric is bought at Stoffdronningen

The curved hem makes the blouse rather fluffy. 

The blouse has raglan sleeves that are pleated at the neck. 

This is the cuff, tie and inserts for the V-neck.

The pleats for the sleeve are in place.

The insert for the V-neck is stitched very closely to the seamline so it stays in place.

The blouse is finished and I'm happy 🤩

The sleeve cuff has two lovely buttons! 

BurdaStyle pattern #114 03/2018


  1. I love your blouse. I made this pattern a few weeks ago too but in the dress but I didn't use buttons on the cuffs as my fabric had a bit of stretch. The bias makes it sit so beautifully and I really love the sleeves. It is a really quick sew too isn't it. You have such great fabric choices.

    1. It makes me glad to hear that you like my fabric choice :) Thanks for your lovely compliments Summer Flies!


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