Knotted Jersey Dress ๐ŸŒธ

I was wearing my new dress for the first time when we visited Lodz in Poland.
I love jersey since it's stretchy and it's very comfy to wear on holiday. 
The dress has empire waist with a knot in front. 
I have gathered the shoulders a bit and I have stitched a rubber-band at the sleeve hem. 

The front is double stitched and sewn to the left side.
Then the right side is put through the opening and the knot is stitched to the sides.  

The top is stitched together with the skirt.

The sleeves are gathered at the shoulders and a rubber-band is stitched close to the sleeve hem.

At the beach in Mielno.

Simplicity pattern 10/2013

Lunch at Manefaktura.


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