Comfortable Maxi Dress ☼

This is a dress pattern I just had to try!๐Ÿ’œ

I found the fabric at 
It's a very soft viscose fabric that floats very nicely. 

I started with marking and ironing the small pleats before stitching the lines together,
both on the back and the front panels. 

I have marked the line for the facing in front.
Then ironing inserts for the facing, and overlock it.
The facing is stitched in place and cut in the middle for the slits.
This is the collar when I have gathered the fastening seam.
The short sleeves are very special, and it's the first time I make sleeves like this.
The tie for the neck is in place and the sleeves as well.
I have sewn the skirt panels together,
so the final thing is to stitch the upper part and the skirt together.

I had to upgrade the dress with a hat that I love ๐Ÿ‘’

BurdaStyle pattern #119 04/2023


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