Pants with Polka-dots & Top with Sparkling!

 This was a great pattern that I had to try!

The back-pockets has tiny pleats as decoration.

The front pockets are gathered a little and has bias as picket opening.

The pockets are stitched in place.

The ruffles at the hem are stitched in place, 
both on the front panels and on the back panels.

The waist line and belt-straps are sewn,
and the pants are finished :)

Ottobre Kids pattern 04/2009

Girl's love sparkling fabric - and I love it too 😄

I started with sewing the pleats in front, and then stitching the upper part together with the lower part.

The side seams are stitched together and the "butterfly-wings are stitched in place.

I made double bias strips under neath the arm holes, and around the the neck.

This is the top on the wrong side.
I had to use a double layer of fabric for the upper part so it should feels comfy to wear.
I have also stutched a 5mm tie on top of the gathering at the shoulders so it should stay in place.

The top is based on a pattern from a Norwegian sewing magazine, Symagasinet.


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