Sports Outfit!


When I made my other Training Outfit Karey mention that this top is nearly the same.
The difference is the zipper at front, and the backpart is made with straps.

At first I stitched the zipper.

Then I attached the straps for the back part.

I stiched the side parts togerther with the lower part before stitching it to the upper part.

The I stitched the straps together with the part in the middle, 
and the attatched the lower part of the top.

BurdaStyle #105 01/2017

I had to try to make the leggings as well :)

For the back panel I had to stitch the biggest part first, and then the small part,
and for the front panel I had to stitch the small part first. 

Then I stitched the inner seam first, but I have omitted the zipper at the legs.

BurdaStyle #106 01/2017

I had to try the outfit after it was finished, 
and I have already used it a lot :)


  1. Spreking🥰

  2. Love your colour blocking. I really like this set, but will need 2-3" FBA. The complex construction makes it a bit of a challenge 🤩🤣

    1. Thanks Karey! I think you will manage if you try 😊


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