Baby's Farming Dress 🚜

I made a dress for this little cutie πŸ’–

I bought the fabric from a FB friend, and I thought it would be nice if I could manage 
to squese out a little dress since I just had a little piece of the fabric.

The dress has gathered short sleeve-wings.
I have used a narrow zig-sag for the hem of the sleeve-wings.

I stitched on top of the seam so the sleeve-wings should stay in place.

I made a button-stip of another cotton fabric at the back of the dress,
so it should be easy to take off an on.

The fabric looks very cool with the farming place.

She loves dresses like her grandmother :)

I found some nice star-buttons that was great for the dress.

The dress is based on a pattern i found in an old Burda Special 08/95,
and I made my own alternation.


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