Origami Tote Bag!

Origami is great for a handbag!
This is a pattern I learnd to make by Shingo Sato.

I had to draw the pattern first, and the lines are marked where the pleats are going to be. 

The first pleat is made.

The second pleat is made connected to the first pleat.

As you can see, the pink pleats are folded down,
and the green pleats are folded up.

The pattern are finished, but I had to cut it apart since it was over-lapping.

This is how the pattern looks like when it's pulled together.

- and this is the wrong side of the pattern.

The black part is cut, and I have to iron on top of the pattern before I take it away,
then the pleats will stay in place.

I decided to use linen, and then the folds will stay in place.

This is the with front part.

I have to stitch one, by one fold in place.

The front is finished.

This is the inner layer for the bag.

The inner layer is connected to the outer layer, and stiched in place.

I have used fusible fleece to make the bag a bit steady.

The inner layers are stitched together, and then the outer layers.

I have used a magnet button to close the tote bag.

The shoulder straps are knotted together.

So now I'm ready to take the bag for a city-tour 🤩


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