White Party!🤩

When I saw a picture of the back og this dress, 
I just had to make one!

The pattern looks very easy, but it will be change during the sewing.

I have stitched the inserts, but need to make the lining before 
stitching the marked line you see if you look very closely.

I have stitched the inserts for the front part as well.

The shoulders are stitched together and 
I have made rouleau button loops at the back.

I stitched the inserts for the lining as well. 

Then the lining are stitched together with the top.
I have cut several notches in the curves.

The top is ready to be stitched together with the skirt.

This is the front of the dress,

and the invisible zipper are at the back. 

The lining are stitched together with the skirt befor stitching the top and the skirt together.

I'm very Happy how the dress turned out!

I found the pattern in an old BurdaStyle magazine from 07/97.

Me and my husband in the hotel elevator :)


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