Origami Tote Bag Vortex !

My lovely model is holding the Tote bag we had as a prize.

I draw the line for the origami pattern first. 

I made the pleats where it's going to be folded.

You have to make the pleats carfully -

- so it will be on the right place.

I'm making the pleats all around the front of the pattern.

The insert is around 8 cm.

The pattern is growing..

Since the pattern is crossing you need to cut it apart 
before cutting it in fabric.

This is the front part when it's folded together.

This is how it looks like on the wrong side.

This is the back part and the innerpart of the tote bag.

You have to sew one, and another pleat in place at the time.

The front part is finished.

I have stitched the inner part in place 
and the back part together with the front part.


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