Japanese Handbag to match my Skirt!


I wanted to make a handbag to match my Crazy Skirt since I  had more fabric left :)
I have combined the cotton twill fabric with fake leather.

The pattern is rather easy if you understand it :)

I have used quilted fabric so the handbag should be a bit steady.

The upper parts have a double layer of fabric.

I have used magnetic push button as opening.

The flap with the magnetic push button is stitched in place.

This is how it looks like.

The inside pocket is made of double layer of fabric.

The pocket is stitched in place.

The lining for the bag is stitched together at the opening.

I have used embroidered cotton fabric for the lining for the handbag.

This is how it looks like inside.

I'm looking forward to use my new handbag :)

The pattern is from a book I bought in Japan.

This is a photo from my trip to Bangkok.


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