Top & Skirt for a Sweet Girl πŸ’œ

Summer is a great time for sewing kids fashion 🌸

I love to make girls clothing and I found a nice skirt pattern in BurdaStyle Kids magazine 1/24.
The top is made of a dress pattern from the same magazine.
I have just added flounes as finishing for the arm holes.

This is a very nice flower fabric, and this was the only piece left 
after I made my Wide Flower Dress.

The top has a split at the front, so it's easy to take of and on.
The facing is stitched in place before sewing the seam in the middle.

 The facing is turned inside and iron in place.

The shoulder are stitched together and the flounces are stitched around the armholes.

I have finished the hem for the flounces with very narrow zig-sak stitches, 
and cut very close to the stitches.

Then the side seams are sewn together, and the hem is sewn.

I had to stitch the hem with the coverlock for the back side since it's cotton jersey.

I made the skirt first, and had cut the flounces for the hem.

The side-pockets are made of the same flower fabric-

The girl enjoy to do cartwheels, and can't stand still..

This is how the skirt turned out :)

There is a drawstring at the waistline, but I have used rubberband at the waist as well.

It's a great outfit for holiday ☼


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