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Skirt matching the Jacket!

Weeee! I did it! I manage to squeeze a skirt out of the same fabric!πŸ˜‚ I choose a "crossover" pattern from the same BurdaStyle issue. It's an easy pattern, and I think it goes very well together with the short jacket.

I have used a little hook on top of the invisible zipper, and I have stitched an inside seam close to the waistband.
Burdastyle pattern #117 12/2018

Me & Orange ♥

I'm so Happy that I finally got to make something from the last  December issue of BurdaStyle! 😊 I wanted to make an easy garment, but all of a sudden I change my mind  and wanted to try this jacket pattern.  I bought the fabric for making a coat, but then I realize it would be "to much" It's a heavy jersey fabric, and normally I would go for a fabric without stretch  for a jacket like this, but anyway it feels good to wear. 

I started drawing the patterns right before Christmas, and I was so eager to start sewing.. 

It's the first time I have been sewing a dart with inserted pocket, but I managed...

 I  have used micro satin for the lining.
Burdastyle pattern #114 12/2018

Refashion Jumper!

Sometimes you feel that your idea is a bit "Crazy", but anyway  it makes you Happy to go for it!πŸ˜… This Jumper is such an item! Since I had the upper part of the wool pants left after I made the Wool Dress I had to make a new plan...
I chose to use the upper part of the long orange jacket and the striped sleeves of the sweater. The waist band is from a wool top, but the collar is made of the bottom of the white sweater. Since the jacket didn't have any buttons I made three buttonholes, and I like the black buttons with "diamonds"!

It was a great jumper for Sara and I think it suits her very well,  and it's perfect for wintertime! ⛄

Day 24 - Tanja Andreeva

My name is Tanja,  and I discovered my real passion for sewing just about two years ago  when I was one of the contestants of Symesterskapet - the Norwegian Sewing Bee  (and somehow managed to win the whole shabam)! 
After this experience I decided to pursue this newfound passion of mine,  and was lucky enough to get an internship with Tine Solheim  - one of the judges from the TV-show. 
Right now my life is sewing-sewing-sewing 24/7, and I LOVE IT πŸ’– I also love-love-love teaching & sharing with others,  so I give classes & keep my Instagram profile filled with inspo, tips & tricks😊
Here’s one of my latest projects as an apprentice - a Chanel-inspired jacket and skirt.  This was my first time sewing this kind of jacket,  and I really loved all the hand sewing that went in to it!  Now it is a part of an exhibition at the Oslo City Museum,  which showcases Norwegian design & womens tailoring from 1900 and up until today.  It’s a huge honour to have a look sewn by me in this exhibitio…

Day 23 - Vesna

Hello! My name is Vesna, 
I'm 34 years old archaeologist and I live in Belgrade, Serbia. 
I started sewing in January of 2009 and haven't stopped ever since - 
learning this craft for these past 10 years has been so satisfying and rewarding! 

I also enjoy knitting, crochet and hand embroidery - 
pretty much anything that involves needle and fiber 😊

I love documenting my sewing on Instagram and I also started a Blog
with the same purpose (that I don't spend nearly enough time cultivating..) 

If I'm not working or sewing I tend to waste my time by watching way too many TV shows, 
drinking way too much coffee and having long conversations with my indifferent cat Lulu.
Here's a link for sewing project I'd like to share: Magnolia Dress

Sewing tip - embrace hand sewing! 
Take a little bit of time to finish that hem on your coat or skirt by hand 
- it'll make all difference in the world!

Day 22 - Olaf

I started my “sewing career” app. 2 year ago  with the simple question of my mother if I can repair her sewing machine.  The truth is that I fail, but my interest was born to sew. 
I got a voucher from my lovely wife for my first own machine, a Brother Innov-is 15.  Table clothes and cushion covers my first projects.
In my real live I’m an engineer in the field of industrial brazing,  so it was a nice experience to build some things with my hands. 
I’m really happy about the fact that my wife loves to put on the things I’m sewing.  Yes sometimes I also make clothes for myself. 
In the meantime I change my machines completely to Bernina.  Most of my projects are visible on Instagram and Facebook
For the next year I plan ahead to sewing any month a new waistcoat for me.  In additional I like to make an original Scottish kilt. First parts I bought this year.
Here is a picture of my last project.  A pullover, pattern from leni.pepunktAufreisser.pulli”.

Out of my experience I can give all my sewing sis…

Day 21 - Ingrid Bergtun

Ingrid Bergtun is a 27 years old sewing and refashion blogger.  She discovered sewing only two and a half years ago  and got addicted to this amazing world of creativity. 
Ingrid participated in the Norwegian sewing bee contest in 2017.  Thereafter she decided that sewing should be a bigger part of her life.  She made a business of her creativity, and this is now her full time job.  On the picture she is wearing a refashion jumpsuit made of an old blazer and skirt.
This is a Christmas dress she has made on less than 2 hours in a TV show!
Last September she present her very own refashion clothing line at a fashion show in Oslo.  She has also cooperated with H&M on their new concept TAKE CARE.  A concept where customers can get their old clothes and stash refashion. 
She shares sewing inspiration, tips and tutorials on her blog,  YouTube and Instagram account every day. 
Blog Instagram

Day 20 - Lisa

Hello!  I’m Lisa  who lives in the mountains of South Carolina, United States  and blogs at  Lisa'sCarolina | Handmade
It is such an honor to be asked by Ellen to share a little with you today.   I've been making my own clothes since early 2013 sewing mostly Burda and Ottobre Design Woman patterns with a few Big 4 patterns here and there.  
I do not buy ready-to-wear clothing anymore.  It has been an amazing journey of learning new skill-sets, but what I cherish most is having the opportunity to meet and learn from smart,  inspiring and creative ladies like Ellen,  who is very gracious in sharing her beautiful work. 
In this photo (below) I am wearing all Ottobre Design Women   -  Cardigan (unblogged), Drape Front Top  and Miniskirt

This year I've challenged myself to make more patterns from my BurdaStyle 

magazine subscription and the Faux Wrap Top (Burda 09/2018 #121) is one of my recent 

Burda makes and part of a mini-capsule wardrobe I've been trying to pull together this year…

Day 19 - Trudie Scholman

Trudie Scholman (or with my given by birth names: Geertruida Maria Scholman),  born in the Netherlands and moved to Norway in '93.  Living in Stavanger and working as a graphical designer.
Always very active with her hands  - either painting, woodcraft, ceramics or whatever...  not at last SEWING. Together with Ellen I was one of the contestants of the Norwegian Sewing Bee (2017),  a great experience - unforgetable! it gave me friends for life. I love to learn and my latest course was last weeks 'serigraphy course',  (thanks to TAU trykk). I wished there were more hours in a day!  for time is too short to do everything I want to. By the way... yes my hair is my natural color 😊, Ha!
One of my projects is to design fabrics, just to fit for a special project.  You cannot make it more unique! Like a t'shirt. It is very easy to do and with great effect. 
You can either design on professional software like adobe illustrator,  or just use pictures and free available program…

Day 18 - Maria Hayek

Hi! I’m Maria and it’s a pleasure to be part of Ellen’s advent calendar!  I’m Jordanian but I’ve been living in Norway since 2012.  I started sewing at the end of 2014 mainly because I was bored and  because I already had a sewing machine  (a Bernina from 1964 donated by my husband’s grandmother),  as you can tell: I haven’t stopped sewing since 😊. 
I even took my hobby a step further and started an online fabric store, Cottoncandy and decided to use a year on studying Sewing and Design which I’m currently doing.

I like experimenting with fabric and have tried loads of different ones.  The garment I want to share with you today is my Red skinny jeans. I wanted red jeans for a long time and last summer I finally made me a pair,  which you can see more of here on my blog (I even have a modifications video).

As for a sewing tip from me…I have many! My main one will always be:  Don’t restrict yourself based on your perception of your own skill level!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the wo…

Day 17 - Ulrike

My sewing friend from Germany
I Love to sew and Knit for me and my family and I love colors - Especially blueπŸ’™ 
You can see more projects or pictures on Instagram

This is a Fifties Dress I made for a BurdaStyle sewing competition 2018.
My sewing tip:  Do not be afraid of new fabrics or patterns - just start!

Day 16 - Sonja

My name is Sonja and I live i the Netherlands.  I started making my own clothes almost five years ago 
because I wasn’t able to find suitable and good fitted clothes anymore.  I’me a self taught seamstress who likes to use books, 
YouTube and experience of others to learn more about the sewing process. 
Besides making clothes for myself I also make them for my husband, 
youngest daughter, my mother and sometimes for friends as well. 

Refashions are another part of my sewing  but also re-cycling discarded jeans into bags, useful objects 
or decorative toys and discarded sweaters into soft toys for kids. 

On one fine day I want to start making a Chanel jacket with the quilting, 
hand sewn buttonholes and chain at the hem. This dress is made of a self drafted T-shirt pattern. 
I like patterns with a twist, an unusual design or asymmetrical details. 
I decided to share this make with you because I want to show you 
how you can turn a simple T-shirt pattern into a great dress 
by using a striped fabric, d…